Assessment Learning Network

2018-19 Schedule of Events and Registration

The Assessment Learning Network (ALN) is a professional learning community consisting of members from Michigan’s professional education organizations. The goal of the ALN is to increase the assessment literacy of all of Michigan’s professional educators.

The ALN is a unique concept that:

  • Is supported by the Michigan Assessment Consortium (MAC) and the Michigan Department of Education
  • Engages the leadership from Michigan’s professional education associations
  • Offers regular engagements where diverse education leaders learn together about the power of assessment to support the development of our students, their educators and our state

We believe that through engagement and shared perspectives, this learning community will invest in Michigan’s children and the education profession by using assessment to culti­vate the capable learners we will be proud of.

To learn more about the ALN or to inquire about participation, contact:

Kathy Dewsbury-­White,
Michigan Assessment Consortium
Jim Gullen,
Chair, Assessment Learning Network
Michigan Assessment Consortium

Public Resource Links:

The Michigan Assessment Consortium (MAC) spearheaded the development of "Assessment Literacy Standards."

ALN Learning Points


Featured Learning Moment Videos from 2016-18 ALN Presentations